Birthday And Achievement Raffle For Tamanna Tanu Coin Master

By | January 30, 2020

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💞💞💞💞💞 Here we arranged the birthday and achievement raffle for our lovely sweet coin master friends and buddies, coin master TAMANNA TANU for Reaching into 5k Star Club. 💞💞💞💞💞

🥀 🌹🌹🌹 💐Let us express wish to coin master TAMANNA TANU making her Birthday super Special 🤗🤗😀😀

💐💐💐🎖️🏆And let wish with best wishes to  TAMANNA TANU for Reaching out the 5k Star club 🏆🎖️💐💐💐

To Participate and enter our coin master Raffle follows these 3 Simple Rules as shown below.

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  4. 🎈A Number will be allotted to you by Facebook and WhatsApp Group ADMINS.
  5. 🎈The raffle will continue every day.
  6. 🎈 Results will be announced by Live draw after posting all links.
  7. 🔯Iam going to say one thing that who do scams and cheat Stay Away from our group, don’t publish any fake unwanted links in our Facebook and WhatsApp Group too. It may lead to suspend from our group and making him/her blocklist.🔯

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The below mentioned are coin mater PRIZES  you gonna earn all if you won  

  1.  Lettuce
  2. Santa
  3. Excalibur
  4. Torero
  5. Mythical tune
  6.  Nessie
  7. Frida
  8. Chilato
  9. kingsfoil
  10. poetry pete
  11.  Tall Tim
  12. Gentle Delphi
  13. Satire
  14. Smoking pipe
  15. Farmer Feng
  16. Kettle
  17. Creaky crow
  18. Azetc princess
  19. Jellyfish
  20. Cleopetra
  21. Mighty Wizard.
  22. Holy Monk
  23. Fighting Monk


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