Can You Lose Weight Overnight?

By | February 2, 2020

Can You Lose Weight Overnight?. Here we are going to elaborate about it, let’s dive in. The obesity level in the world has risen and now is the time to find effective & faster weight loss strategies.

Where people are learning and discovering ways on how to lose weight fast. There might exist some way which helps in overnight weight loss or losing weight while sleeping at night.

Due to high obesity rates, people have become more aware and are following new diet trends & patterns, few of which look promising to help you lose weight in sleep.

Therefore, This article explores if it is possible to lose weight while sleeping. So can you lose weight overnight and how you may use your sleep pattern to benefit from a healthy and safe weight loss routine? Find out in this article:

  • Water weight

When you keep track of your weight, you start to notice that you actually weight a little bit less in the morning than later that day.

This is why many people want to weigh themselves in the morning, even though that low number is not a result of fat loss only. Instead, it happens more likely due to water loss that takes place during sleeping hours.

It doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight in sleep. When you sleep, your body must fuel the metabolic processes which keep you alive and fit. However, you also lose water more water during sleep than any other means.

One cup 250 ml of water weighs about to 240 grams. Your body consists of about 65–75% water, which accounts for a major portion of your weight.

According to studies, over 70% of overnight weight loss may occur due to water loss during sleep. With that how much you lose weight while sleeping changes based on your body composition.

Additionally, the major amount of water loss may happen due to sweating and breathing during sleep.

  • Sleeping quality and duration
Can You Lose Weight Overnight

Can You Lose Weight Overnight

Even though many of the most workable weight-loss strategies focus on diet and exercise alone, progressive research suggests that the quality and quantity of your sleep may also be a key in your body’s ability to regulate its weight.

Many studies indicate, A link between chronic sleep deprivation and higher body mass index (BMI), which determines the relation of your weight to your height.

A study in adults age 50–70 years found that those individuals who slept for 5 or lesser hours per night were, found to be 3 times more likely to develop obesity, in comparison to those who got 7–8 hours of sleep per night.

Therefore, it is important to give priority to sufficient sleep as part of your weight loss schedule.

  • Sleeping habits can affect hunger hormones

The relation between sleep and body weight can be explained by how sleep deprivation affects your body’s ability to produce hunger hormones.

Leptin and ghrelin are two hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness. leptin is produced by fat cells and tries to suppress the feeling of appetite, whereas ghrelin is released by the stomach and creates a feeling of hunger.

Initially, these hormones work hand in hand to make you know when you need more energy and when you have consumed enough calories. However, some studies indicate that without adequate sleep, the balance between these two may become disrupted.

A study of 10 healthy men found that lack of sleep decreased leptin by 18% and increased ghrelin production by 28%, leading to a 23% increase in eating level.

Also, some studies found that you feel hungrier for highly palatable foods, including calorie-dense treats like chocolates and salty snacks, when your sleep is incomplete.

However, changes in hormone production and cravings caused by inadequate sleep may contribute to high weight and obesity levels.

At last, the relationship between these will determine the answer to can you lose weight overnight. Also, more research is required to better understand how healthy sleep patterns may work together with a balanced diet and exercise plan to promote a safe, consistent weight loss plans.


So finally can you lose weight overnight? Health experts have said that weight-loss diets can cause you to lose weight during sleep. Meanwhile, the majority of overnight weight loss may be due to water weight.

That said, getting enough sleep on a regular basis may promote weight loss in the long term.

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