Easy ways to lose belly fat and keep it off

By | February 2, 2020

Belly fat always makes you feel heavy and serves no good purpose, to be honest. Moreover, it makes your clothes harder to put on.

There is a serious problem if you have something known as visceral fat in your body, which is a huge risk factor for diabetes, heart ailments, respiratory problems, and other conditions.

Most of the health organizations use Body Mass Index to determine the weight class and how close are you to your ideal weight.

Sometimes, it can be misinterpreted when people with a thin body frame may have excess belly fat, that they need to get rid of but aren’t aware of it.

Although it is going to be tough to reduce belly fat, there are many things you can practice for it.

Here are some easy ways to lose belly fat and keep it off: 

Follow a balanced diet plan 

One of the fastest ways to lose stomach fat is to keep an eye on your diet plan and maintain healthy eating habits.

  •  Eat high fiber sourced food (carrots, broccoli, celery, etc) and intake more proteins through (fish, poultry and lean meat).
  •  Add more veggies to your meal to make it delicious and healthy.
  • Eliminate white substances such as sugar or salt completely from your nutrition instead use natural sweeteners like (strawberries, bananas, blueberries etc).
  • Keep track of calorie intake and calories burned in a food diary. Now you just have to make sure that you burn more calories than you eat. Additionally, food-tracking enables you to keep count of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Follow a systematic Workout schedule


  • Start by performing low-intensity activities such as burpees or walking for 20-30 minutes daily in the beginning. Performing exercises to lose belly fat and being more active move on to medium-intensity activities like Playing sports swimming and cycling along with some strength training in between., for 1 hour daily.


  • Aerobics has some effective exercises to lose belly fat and improve your overall health. Studies have concluded the effectiveness of aerobic forms of exercise to get rid of belly fat. However, whether to keep the intensity moderate or high is just a matter of choice.
  • Anyhow, the reps and duration of your workout session are more important than its intensity.
  •  Eventually when you are in good shape move on to high-intensity training for reaching your ideal body shape.


  • Take control of your environment

Among all the ways to lose belly fat, this is the most crucial one. You can take charge of your environment and change your bad eating habits by ascertaining: what to eat, How much to eat and when to eat. 


  • Cook your own meals at home  

This will help you to control both portion size and what ingredients to put in the food. The packed food from hotels and restaurants contain a lot of sugar, unhealthy fat and excessive oils.



  • Eat early


Studies have suggested eating early to be a healthy habit. Eating larger and healthier food can help to boost your metabolism and stop the feeling of hunger throughout the day and give you much time to reduce belly fat.

  •  Drink plenty of water
Fastest ways to lose stomach fat

Fastest ways to lose stomach fat

According to research, it is a healthy practice to drink 15-20 glasses of water daily. Often our brain confuses thirst with hunger so by drinking more water the extra calorie requirement is over.

  •  Eating in portions

Use small plates, bowls, and glasses to make the portion look bigger. Try not to eat directly from large containers because it will be harder to assess the amount of food eaten at the time. This is a deeply kept secret by many nutritionists and dieticians and is regarded as one of the fastest ways to lose stomach fat.

  •  Take time for Resting

Getting ample sleep is necessary for your body. Studies claim that people with unhealthy sleeping habits gain belly fat more easily.

Another study says that those women who sleep for 6 hours or less every night are more prone to getting fat than those who rest for seven hours or more per night.

One of the easier ways to lose belly fat is to get healthy hours of sleep at night time.                                                                                                                                                                                   


There is no short cut to reduce belly fat and keep it down.

Reducing belly fat requires some efforts and dedication from your side such as

Change your unhealthy eating habits like eating late at night, skipping breakfast, over-eating, etc.

Following strategies and ways to lose belly fat mentioned above will help you cut down fat from your waist and lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

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