How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

By | February 2, 2020

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle: 11 tips for healthy eating & more.

In order to lose weight, you have to start with balanced diets. However, following the balanced diets and sticking to healthy eating might be tough.

If you can get rid of unhealthy food and stick with your balanced diet plan, it will boost your confidence and make you immune to diseases.

Get used to having balanced diets and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following the ways of maintaining a healthy diet.


Here are 11 tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle:-

  • Set realistic goals

Eat a balanced diet that consists of several added benefits, like weight loss.

Also, it is very essential to make the goals realistic and achievable.

For instance, if you plan to cut off weight too quickly, you may end up risking your health.

It is found that obese people, who wanted to lose weight instantly, would mostly quit before 6 months of the weight loss program.

Thus, targeting a more realistic goal will surely keep you motivated to get that healthy lifestyle for the weight-loss period.

  • Maintain distance from unhealthy foods

It is hard maintaining a healthy lifestyle if all you see around you is unhealthy food. 

Try to keep in sight those foods that are healthy for you.

Having food on sight is said to be a major factor for high obesity and increased consumption of junk foods in an individual.

  • Always take away healthy snacks

Staying with your healthy eating practices can be hard when you are away from home.

If you feel too hungry on the way, you might get whatever is available.

Which in most cases, is processed food that doesn’t fill your hunger and has little to no nutrition benefits after all.

Having healthy snacks on hand will keep your filled until the full meal is available to you. You may carry some snacks such as cashew, almonds, groundnuts, and milk.

  • Try mindful eating

Mindful eating answers the question ‘how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoying your time healthy eating the food will bring out more appreciation in it. This improves your chances of making changes in your healthy eating patterns.

Research shows, that overweight women who repeated mindful eating have improved their relationship with food tremendously.

  • Get a partner to accompany you

Anything done alone can be boring & tedious. Thus, the same applies to healthy eating and workouts which can be hard to do by yourself.

Picking a workout partner may be a lot helpful, especially if it is your better half.

Research of more than 5,000 couples shows that when any one of them makes a positive lifestyle change, then the other person is also likely to follow their path.

  • Protein intake in every meal.

Proteins are the ultimate foods that are healthy and going to give you crazy nutrition value. It helps to burn fat and increase muscle mass in your body.

So make sure that you add some proteins like fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, or any other protein-filled foods that are healthy.

  • Always eat breakfast.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

It is a wrong assumption that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. However, studies suggest that skipping breakfast can make you even more hungry later, which will lead to delaying of lunch and dinner.

A healthy lifestyle for weight loss means, Be consistent– always have a healthy morning meal, that’s rich in fiber and less in fat.

  • Lose weight slowly.

A simple answer to How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Consistency with patience

Don’t get discouraged, if you are not losing weight as fast as you wanted it to. Getting rid of fat requires time and consistency.

 Dieticians say that setting a weight loss goal of about 1/2 kilos a week is ideal. If set your targets too high, you will give up when you don’t get results as quickly.

  • Weigh yourself once a week.

People keep track of their weights are said to have more weight loss success than those who don’t. But Dieticians suggest weighing yourself once every week, so you are not discouraged by daily imbalances.

  •  Keep a food diary.

A pen and paper can bring in so much change when planning a healthy lifestyle for weight loss.

You can do the simple act of writing down whatever you are healthy eating/drinking along with its quantity and time of consumption. A study found that those people who kept a record in a food diary lost twice as the amount of weight as those who didn’t.

  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages.

It is said that People often confuse thirst with hunger and go on eating more calories when all they needed was a glass of water.

 Also, you can try drinking a cup of green tea or a glass of fresh juice to get over the extra round of snacks at times.


Getting rid of bad habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not going to be easy.

However, there are ways & strategies that you can follow to achieve you lose weight goal successfully.

Some of these involve mindful eating, keeping track of your meals, weighting weight lost every week and setting realistic goals. These all help to answer ‘how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

All you need to do is find out which one works out for you in the long run

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