How to remove pimples natural way?

By | February 3, 2020

How to remove pimple’s natural way?

You are not alone…Acne is a widespread skin disorder that causes occurrences of blemishes on your face and body.

It affects almost 87% of the population at some point in time in their life. Acne consists of pimples, red spots, black marks, and whiteheads.

Dermatologists across the world have determined the following factors that cause acne:

  •       Production of excess oil: that causes pores to be clogged
  •       Presence of bacteria on skin ground
  •       Accumulation of dead skin cells

 With the help of these, you can find an answer to how to remove pimples by simply identifying which factor is affecting your skin to counter-attack it and prevent it from breaking out.

While traditional treatments can prove to be an effective way of getting rid of acne overnight, they usually cause bit harsh effects, such as itching of the skin, burning of skin and drying up of skin.

Due to which, Most people turn to natural alternatives. Although there are many natural remedies on ‘how to prevent pimples’ out there, only a few are found to be actually helpful.

Here we share 3 helpful ways to get rid of acne overnight:

1. How to remove pimples with Neem leaves a treatment

  • Technique: Get fresh neem leaves and mash them until you get a thick paste. Add some drops of rose water in it to form a nice mixture. Make sure the paste is moderately thick and not so watery. Apply the mixture throughout your skin. Once it’s dried, rinse it off with cool water.
  • Benefits: Neem is said to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature. While rosewater gives your skin smoothing to reduce skin irritation and balance PH levels.
  • Duration: It takes about 15-20 minutes for the mixture to dry.


2.How to remove pimples with Green Tea

  • Technique: green tea is said to be helpful while weight loss, it also plays its part with your skin. Take out the tea bag from your green tea and apply it all over the face.
  • Benefits: It is said to be a great home remedy for getting rid of acne. Green tea is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties. It contains polyphenols in high amounts that help to regulate hormonal imbalances.
  • Duration: At least 30 minutes until the paste dries.


3.How to remove pimples with Aloe vera

  • Technique: Aloe vera is a plant that has gel when you cut its leaves. Cut an aloe vera plant and apply its gel all over the face.  Try to mix some water with it, else it may cause skin irritation.
  • Benefits: It helps to fight bacteria and has anti-inflammatory properties to encourage wound healing when applied to the acne.
  • Duration: Wait for 25 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.


5 Tips on how to prevent pimples from forming beforehand.[1]

1.Wash your face thrice every day

 Washing the face thrice daily will make zits appear smaller and clean your skin pores.

Acne is not related to untidy face but, it is essential to eradicate dirt and oil from your skin surface through daily washing.

Experts suggest using a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Afterward, putting some moisturizer on is also recommended.

Try not to Over-washing the face which will turn your skin dry.

2. Keep your hands off the pimples

You may be involuntarily trying to squeeze or scratch the pimple, which will worsen the situation.

Avoid popping of pimples as it can cause wounds & blemishes that increase the redness of the pimple. Getting rid of acne might take some time, but it will at least prevent pimples from a breakout or information of new pimples.

3. Don’t go hard on scrubbing

People often scrub their skin too hard while washing. This can lead to skin inflammation, making acne look even worse.

Apply a mild cleanser with a brush and exfoliate gently, it can help to prevent pimples.

4. Wear sunscreen to outdoors

A lot of exposure to the sun may cause harmful effects on the skin. Sunburns can lead to excess oil production making acne seem worse.

5. Clean your hair regularly

The excess oil present in your hair may go down to the skin. So, try to wash your hair on a regular basis is one of the simple ways to get rid of acne overnight.

Stay away from hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or any such hair product that will create excess oil in your scalp. This causes clogged pores and leads to breakouts.



Pimples can look like a nightmare especially when you have it on your important days.

In this article, we have suggested remedies on “How to remove pimples” just at the right time.

The remedies suggested are effective, fast and natural ways to get rid of acne overnight.

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